Permanent Hunger Recommends: Deliveroo

As I write this, I am sitting down on my couch, watching Orange Is The New Black and eating a warm pizza from a pizza place with a 4.5/5 grade on Yelp, that doesn’t deliver. Yes you read that right, and all of this was made possible by my new best friends, the people at Deliveroo.

I’ll make this short. Deliveroo handpick restaurants that are loved by many (with hipster logos and yummy food), but that do not offer delivery services, a common ailment here in Paris, and make them available to us hungry kids, by providing the delivery boys.


You order and pay online, with the added perk of being able to tip the delivery boy directly on the website. My food got here in less than 30 minutes, it was warm, and it made my night.

Thank you sharing economy!