Permanent Hunger Recommends – Restaurants and Bars in Paris (1)

This is a list of my favourite bars and restaurants in Paris organised by Arrondissement. I will be updating it regularly and I would love to get recommendations of new places to try.

1st Arrondissement:

Takara, 14 rue Molière: Really delicious Japanese restaurant with a cozy interior. Best for dates or small groups. Phone:+33 1 42 96 08 38

Kunitoraya, 1 rue Villedo: Great udon bar with delicious tempura. New york-ish vibe. Phone:+33 1 47 03 07 74

Izakaya issé, 45 Rue de Richelieu: Japanese tapas bar. Great selection of sake. Preferably go there for dinner. Phone:+33 1 42 96 26 60

2nd Arrondissement:

Generally, Montorgeuil street (pedestrian street) has many great bistrots.

O’scia, 44 Rue Tiquetonne: One of the best pizzas in all of paris. Phone:+33 1 75 77 23 18

Liza, 14 Rue de la Banque: Yummy modern lebanese food. Beautiful interior. Phone:+33 1 55 35 00 66

La Conserverie, 37 Rue du Sentier: Great bar with an amazing mixologist and a seasonal drinks’ menu. Phone:+33 1 40 26 14 94

3rd Arrondissement:

Taing Song-Heng, 3 rue volta: One of the best Bo buns in Paris. Go there for lunch. Be there early (noon) as there is alway a long line and the place is tiny.

4th Arrondissement:

Jaja, 3 rue Sainte-Croix-de-la-Bretonnerie: Great bistrot food with a twist. The terrace is awesome on a summer night. Phone:+33 1 42 74 71 52

6th Arrondissement:

La palette, 43 rue de Seine: Cézanne, Picasso, Braque, Ernest Hemingway, Jim Morrison and Harrison Ford all loved this historical bar. They have a great terrace. I much prefer it to the more typical Café Mabillon and Café de Flore. Phone:+33 1 43 26 68 15

Le Comptoir du Relais, 9 Carrefour de l’Odéon: Perfect for late sunday lunch. Don’t miss out on the tartines de foie gras and the baba au rhum. Phone:+33 1 44 27 07 50

Amore & Gelosia, 39 Rue Mazarine: Yummy italian, very friendly owner. Phone:+33 1 46 34 54 71

Prescription Cocktail Club, 23 Rue Mazarine: Great drinks and beautiful interior (down the street from Amore & Gelosia)

7th Arrondissement:

La fontaine de Mars, 129 Rue Saint-Dominique: Great place for specialties from the south of france. Have the Oeufs en Meurette. Phone:+33 1 46 34 67 73

Il sorrentino, 4 Rue de Monttessuy: Great italian place. Love the pasta there. Phone:+33 1 45 55 12 50

8th Arrondissement:

Hyotan, 3 Rue Artois: Typical and authentic japanese tapas. You could almost forget you are in Paris. Go there for dinner. Phone:+33 1 42 25 26 78

Brasserie Mollard, 115 Rue Saint-Lazare: Open since 1895 this beautiful brasserie still has its original mosaic walls. Go there when you are craving a late night (by french standards 10 PM) seafood platter. Phone:+33 1 43 87 55 62

9th Arrondissement:

Kooka Boora, 53 Avenue Trudaine: If you are craving good coffee (coffee is generally shit in Paris) go to this great coffee shop. The owners are Australian and they understand what coffee should taste like.

10th Arrondissement:

Les Enfant Perdus, 9 rue des récollets: Great decor, excellent food, close to the canal Saint Martin. Phone:+33 1 81 29 48 26

11th Arrondissement:

Au passage, 1bis Passage Saint-Sébastien: Super casual, very friendly staff. Daily menu of tapas (small plates, not the spanish ones). Phone:+33 01 43 55 07 52

Pierre Sang in Oberkampf, 55 Rue Oberkampf: The Korean Chef is the winner of Top chef 2011. No menus here, get there by 7 (restaurant opens at 7:30 and there are always long lines), hope to get a seat at the bar, and enjoy the delicious 6 course meal (changes everyday, though it always has some Korean influence).

Café Charbon, 109 Rue Oberkampf: One of the nicest bars in Paris. Been around since the early 20th century.

14th Arrondissement:

Les Grillades de Buenos Aires, 54 Rue du Montparnasse: Friendly staff, great argentinian steak. Phone:+33 1 43 21 56 74

18th Arrondissement:

La Fourmi, 74 Rue des Martyrs: Great bar, especially in the late afternoon. They make a mean Mojito. With the nearby concert halls (la cigale, la boule noire) it’s a great place to go for a pre-concert drink. Phone:+33 1 42 64 70 35

Marlus et lapin, 14 Rue Germain Pilon: Very unconventional bar. Go there for a crazy night to remember.

19th Arrondissement:

Au Boeuf Couronné, 188 Avenue Jean Jaurès: Great place if you are craving red meat. The best part is the staff which is really friendly and extremely professional. It got a 5 star rating from my mother. Not many places can content to that. Phone:+33 1 42 39 44 44

20th Arrondissement:

Aux folies, 8 Rue de Belleville: A true institution. One of the nicest bars in Paris. Phone:+33 6 14 17 91 33

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