Great Restaurants in the 2d Arrondissement

One of the first things you are told when interviewing for a job at Keeward is that we all love food. Across our offices, on 3 continents, we are for the most part foodies, and we love eating together. Most of us will put on a few pounds in our first few months working for the company.

In honour of that, I have decided to make lists of the best restaurants near our various offices, starting with home, Paris. We have a beautiful, very chic Paris office located at the border between the 2nd and 3rd arrondissement, and in true Paris fashion we go out for a ‘pause-dejeuner’ almost every day. Here are the best nearby eateries:


Italian, Pizza – €€ – 44 rue Tiquetonne


Perfect for small groups, this place not only has the best Pizza in town, it also has this amazing African grilled chicken (don’t ask!), served with white rice, fried bananas, and a combination of yummy sauces. People like the chicken so much, they actually opened a second restaurant just next door, dedicated to it.

Lézard café

French Bistrot – €€ – 32 rue Tiquetonne


The Lézard is our cantine. We go there at least once a week, and we love it. The food is unpretentious, the waiters are friendly, the restaurant is pretty, and there is always a place for us, even when there are 8 of us.

Big Fernand

Burgers – €€ – 32 rue Saint Sauveur


Big Fernand is great for a quick burger, especially after work. I am a big fan of their Le Victor burger which comes with Fourme d’Ambert (my favorite blue cheese) and caramelised onions. Georges, My colleague argues that Cantine California is a better choice.

Eric Kayser

Bakery – € – 16 rue des Petits Carreaux


If you don’t have time for an hour long ‘pause-dejeuner’, you can do the other Parisian thing and grab your self a sandwich or salad at a nearby Bakery. The best one in the neighbourhood is Eric Kayser.

Le Grand Cerf

Bistrot – €€ – 79 boulevard de Sebastopol


Le Grand Cerf is the closest decent bistrot in the area. We love them for their warm welcome, their Cobb Salad, and their yummy daily dishes. Also go there if you are craving an Avocado+Vinaigrette.


Specialty – €€ – 179 rue Saint-Denis


I am a big fan of restaurants that do just one thing, really well. Boulettes, as it’s name indicates is a meatball restaurant. You get to pick 3 veggie sides, and a combination of 5 boulettes of your choice. They always have one vegeterian, on fish based, one poultry based, and 2 red meat options. Their Bearnaise (Served with the beef based meatball) is a killer.

Rice & Fish

Japanese – €€ – 16 rue Greneta


Healthy yet filling lunch option. They serve large rice bowls, topped with your protein of choice, vegetable tempura, and some shredded cabbage and carrot. The down side is that you will walk out of there smelling like food. Better go for takeaway and go enjoy your mail in the park behind the office.

Taing Song-Heng

Vietnamese – € – 3 Rue Volta


One of the best Bo buns in Paris. Go there for lunch. Be there early (noon) as there is alway a long line and the place is tiny. At the office we have big bowls that we use for take away Bo-buns, so feel free to bring some take away back.

Marché des Enfants Rouges

Mixed – €€ – 39-41 rue de Bretagne


The Marché des Enfants Rouges is a great place to go on a sunny day. There are a few different options for lunch, from Moroccan, to Lebanese, to Japanese, to Italian, and they are mostly yummy. They all share a common outdoor space where people casually sit on wooden tables to eat. They are closed on Monday.


Korean Barbecue – €€ – 289 rue Saint-Denis


This one is for days where the only thing that’s going to make your day better is fried chicken. Hero revisits Korean street food. Korean fried chicken covered in sesame seeds and garlic glaze, or a spicy gochujang sauce, or nothing! The interior design of the place is also gorgeous.

Noodles Atelier

Dumplings & Noodles – € – 162 rue Saint-Denis


Less than 5 minutes walk from the office, this is a perfect little asian eatery, with cheap meals (8.5 euros for a bowl of noodles), great dumplings, and comforting flavours. If you sit there you may end up smelling like food, but upstairs is a good option, and you can always do takeaway.

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