Bucolik x Permanent Hunger

As a blogger myself, I know how much love, sweat, and tears goes into creating and keeping a blog. I am the first one to admit I’ve been guilty of neglecting Permanent Hunger for work, love, and family a few times, and I am always impressed when I see other bloggers passionately soldiering on and being great at it. When the other blogger is an old friend, that gets multiplied by a gazillion.

For the past couple of years, Nour and I have had many conversations about our respective blogs, encouraging each other, being critical, celebrating the successes. But recently we decided we needed to do more than just talk about Bucolik and Permanent Hunger. We spent a lot of time discussing how fashion and food are essentially two sides of the same coin. Each in our own way, me through my incessant travels and Nour through her many moves, have found ways to explore, tame, and ultimately love the cities we live in, whether for a day, or for a while. Fashion and Food have played a major part in that, and so, we decided that exploring these cities we live(d) in through the lenses of our passions could be interesting. Our collaboration was born.

We will start with a city that we have both lived in, the city of love, lights, baguettes and grumpy frenchmen, Paris, and perhaps, allow our travels and journeys to take us to other places around the globe. From where to eat the best Bobun, to the best street food, to the fanciest restaurants and every outfit in between, we will publish a series of collaborative posts. We hope you enjoy them and that we inspire you to dress, eat, and experience new things.

Nour Khoury Jallad is an entrepreneur, traveler, fashion addict, francophile, Beirut aficionada and culture vulture, also goes as Bucolik , who is often found eating dried fruits and nuts lounging around in upward dog, dancing in the shower, or drinking gin and tonic while practicing her Warrior 1. (A yogi at heart) ” I own a toy poodle and about 120 pairs of shoes and can usually be found wearing 2 at a time.” To Nour, the perfect wardrobe is one that is always changing, because let’s face it – times change and so does style. “I set myself on a mission to do more with less.”

Marilyn Zakhour (Hi it’s me, Permanently Hungry) is an Architect turned web geek whose passion in life is eating. Her awesome job takes her from one world capital to another, but her home is where her shoes are, Paris. She has vowed to taste everything that is presented to her, and has never met a dim sum she didn’t like. Growing up she used to help her grandma around the kitchen and has since developed a love for heartfelt generous food.

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