This photo of Couqley is courtesy of TripAdvisor.

There’s nothing like a beautiful brunch on a sunny Saturday in a charming restaurant like Couqley’s.

I’ve been an eager fan of this restaurant since it opened, and I’ve even forgiven them for being suspiciously similar to the Balthazar in New York (check out their website here: ), as they make up with consistently good food and great service. Being able to drink foreign wine that I can afford without it putting a dent in my monthly budget has also added a few points to their score. Couqley’s has got to be the only place in Lebanon (or at least Beirut) where french (and some new world) wine is served with an ‘honest’ markup from its supermarket price.

You’ve figured it out, I’m a Couqley enthousiast, and I loved the place a little bit more when I found out that they have an all day brunch menu on Saturdays. In Beirut it’s hard to find a good egg benedict outside of overpriced hotel breakfast, for which you have to wake up rather early as service usually ends at 11 am.

I was rather pleasantly surprised by their menu which mixed lunch time favorites with breakfast stars, cote de boeuf for the parents, and eggs benedict for the hungover children, who also have a whole section of drinks dedicated to curing their saturday morning nausea. All that’s missing is a couple of Paracetamol pills.

What we ordered:

Starters: Green Salad

Main dish: Eggs Benedict Canadian Bacon with extra toast and hash browns, Omelet Sud Ouest with bell pepper, onions and duck confit, with extra gratin and Spinach a la creme, Steak & Frites

Desert: Tarte aux noix, Fruit Salad

Bill: Approx $100 / L.L. 150,000


Now for the tasting part.

Start by savoring the pictures below:

The eggs benedict were perfection. Beautifully rounded, oozing egg yolk, rich and thick creme Hollandaise contrasted by salty bacon. I would’ve loved another egg, but that’s just because I’m a glutton. The Hash browns were tasty and well seasoned, but the potatoes in them were processed which is not my favorite way of cooking them. I prefer them with grated potatoes, but to each his own.

The Tarte aux noix was yummy as always although slightly sweet. I just love the creme patissiere and the temperature as which the tarte is served.

I think I’m going to become a regular. 

Best of:

Starters: Fresh Maryland crab cakes with salad

Main dish: Magret du Canard with pomme de terre forrestiere & jus de canard

Desert: Tarte aux noix

Next on the list: Duck Confit with sautéed potatoes, caramelized onions & fresh mushrooms


Restaurant info:

For reservation: 01442678

Location: The Alleyway – Gemmayze