My mother’s mashed potatoes is the stuff of legend. Smooth, creamy, heart warming mashed potatoes. My childhood has a tummy full of the golden goo.

The secret to good mashed potatoes is butter, butter, butter. From Robuchon’s Michelin Star winning purée to my mom’s homey mash it’s all about the butter.  You can find Robuchon’s recipe here on Suzi’s Blog, and you can find my mother’s below:

1/ Ingredients:

1/4 pack of butter Milk   Pinch of nutmeg powder  Salt & Pepper to taste  3 large potatoes

2/ Recipe:


  • Peel, wash, cut the potatoes in cube and boil them


  • 1/ Add generous amounts of butter to the pre-boiled potato cubes
  • 2/ Mash them with a handheld food processor
  • 3/ And then some more… until there is not a single lump in the mix
  • 4/ Add a dash of milk (or whipping cream)
  • 5/ Mix some more and add your salt and pepper
  • 6/ Bring to a boil on very low heat while stirring continuously (in this case a boil is given away by a single bubble, don’t expect it to bubble up)

3/ And voila!