My week in food – #09 – February 27 to March 4

My two favorite meals from the past week:

Yummy Japanese at Sushi Bar

La 10/10 - Marinated Salmon / Miso Soup

Crispy Squid / Sushi Eel

Assortment of Makis

Transcending Lebanese at Zabad

Bread from the south with oil by the Baaklini family / Aubergine Caviar with grenadine molasse and grenadine

La 10/10 - Ten vegetables mixed with ten herbs and a fruit vinaigrette / Falafel with cinammon and Basil & Honey sauce

Oriental lamb shanks (braised for 20 hours) / Atayef, Osmaliye and chocolate fondue with Nougat, fruits confits and Manousalwa