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I discovered Urbanista on a week when I had to spend 12 hours a day sitting in front of my laptop working away at my autocad plans. For those of you who don’t know me, Autocad makes Jack the ripper look like a little kid next to me. Urbanista with it’s cool happy energy, and the beautiful light that oozes in from the huge glass elevation was a true blessing for me that week. It didn’t hurt that the food was also pretty satisfying. A real change from the usual coffeeshop menus.

The best thing about Urbanista is the seating arrangements. Did you come armed with your laptop and the intention of finishing that logo today? Have a seat at the large table next to the library and spend the day if you like. Looking to hang out, be lazy, and digest the big Sunday lunch you just had? Those huge leather couches are just what you’re looking for. Did you come here on a business lunch? Look your counterpart in the eye by sitting at one of the regular tables.

Did I mention it was non smoking? ( Smokers can make use of the lovely outdoor patio)

The food itself is refreshing and yummy. A salad bar with Quinoa and Lentils (hipster heaven). Good sandwiches and an incredibly solid breakfast menu. A selection of coffee with variations on blends and brewing techniques. And last but not least, 961 Beer.

The manager, Zeina, is an incredibly bubbly and happy person. The staff is always smiling and happy to help, and they will give you space if you look like you are here for the day.

The last perk is the little shop at the front of the café, where you can find cool gadgets for the home, stylish bags or accessories.


Also check out Urbanista’s facebook page for mouthwatering visuals.

What you should order:

Starters: Go for the Coconut Shrimps and a selection from the Salad bar. You wont regret it.

Main dish: It is impossible for me to go to Urbanista and not have the Seared Tuna Sandwich. That Wasabi sauce is a true culinary miracle. If you’re looking for something meatier, the pulled Lamb sandwich is a true delight.

Desert: No competition there, the french toast wins hands down.

Drinks: Have a 961 Red ale or Lager or any of their coffees.

Bill: Approx $35-40 per person

Restaurant info:

For reservation: 01 567 811

Location: Gouraud Street – Gemmayze – Achrafieh

Opening hours: Monday through Sunday, 9:00 to 24:00

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